Today I’ve been swept away by a novel that explores the possibility of California seceding from the United States.  It is a day in the life of characters waiting for the votes to be counted to determine what might happen next.

Golden State is authored by Michelle Richmond, one of my favorites.  The primary characters include a young doctor, her soon-to-be ex-husband, and a former lover whose PTSD has put everyone in danger at a time when the whole state is shifting and uncertain.


As a native Californian, the drama grips me with the question of What if?  Is it possible that something like this could happen?  And then what?

For some, dramatic acts improve their lives.  I’m thinking of 1989, in Eastern Europe, when the Berlin Wall came down.  My eldest son (Craig Robinson Photography)  lives in Berlin, and in 2009, when artists put their mark on the Art Gallery the Wall had become, I was celebrating, too.

I love the artistic renderings that he captured, like these:




My youngest grandson Noah, who is eleven, just wrote a report about the Berlin Wall, and proudly included some of these photos with his finished creation.

Noah enjoying seafood

As a sometime reader of dystopian fiction, I do like to consider the possibilities, most of which are frightening.  Would California’s secession be a possibility?  And would it be a good or bad thing?

I can think of several problems….like citizenship in the US, which I have taken for granted!  What do you think?

Meanwhile, I’m eagerly reading this book.





  1. I’d like to read this book. I was born and raised in Texas and heard for many years that Texas had the ability to divide itself into five states, as well as secede from the United States. Somehow, I doubt if that’s true! But it’s a definite “what if” scenario that would be fun to explore.
    I hope you enjoy GOLDEN STATE.


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