It is late in the day for a Sunday Potpourri, but I’ve been fiddling around for most of the day.  I did a couple of blog posts over at Serendipity:  one for my weekly updates, and another as a precursor to Bloggiesta, coming this next weekend.

After writing the post for the Bloggiesta, which is an opportunity we bloggers enjoy, as it gives us a chance to make blog changes or fixes, I started thinking about my blogging journey in general.


Which led me to checking out some of the older posts on blogs I had back in the beginning.  2008, 2009, and 2010:  all years that reflected how different things were back then, both for me and for the blogging community.

For example:  in one of my posts, I had entered links to some blogs, and when I followed the links today, I halfway expected the blogs to be gone.  Defunct.  But they were there, but with no posts written since 2009 for one of them, and 2011 for another.

There were also blogs that are now nonexistent.  Blogs that hosted events that I still participate in.  I always wonder why bloggers stop blogging, but I’m guessing that life happens, and people move on.

My own posts are quite different these days.  My pictures are bigger, I link to more things, and I like to believe that I have learned a thing or two in all that time.

But one thing hasn’t changed.  I still have that fervor, that excitement, that comes from connecting to other bloggers.

images blog love

I am also reading an intriguing book today, even though I haven’t gotten very far in it.  Enon, by Paul Harding, is the story of one man’s journey in the year following a tragedy.


Now I want to go and finish watching one of the movies on my DVR:  Flowers in the Attic.  Creepy and scary…..

I know many of you are probably watching football today…or have been.  Not me, as you can see.  But what excites you about this time of year?  What are you eagerly anticipating this week?





  1. It sounds as though you had a great time tidying things up…we are expecting a storm…a snow storm…so the girls and I plan to hunker down and just do our thing! I don’t think I can watch Flowers…the trailer scared me! Have a great week!


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