After putting away the Christmas goodies, I had to rearrange some stuff in my living area.  Yes, it’s a compulsion.  I moved the “bear riding the duck” from the sofa table to the middle of the dining table:  see above.

And I moved a small table from the bedroom over by the bookcase, see below:



And naturally, I had to find a chair to set beside it.  What happened to the pub table?  Well, it’s over near the Coca Cola table on the right side of the first photo. 

I was going to put it in the bedroom, but I couldn’t maneuver it down the hall past the bookcases that line the space…lol.  I’m sure if I’d had a helping hand, I could have managed it, but decided to go for Plan B:  keeping the Coca Cola stuff together.

Yesterday I spent the whole day watching shows on Netflix…another obsession.  I made it through Season I of One Tree Hill…who knew that show would infect me with an addictive pull?  I hooked up the laptop to the TV you see above…and the laptop works nicely on the lower table. (I didn’t photograph the set-up; you’ve seen it before!).

Not much reading yesterday…sigh.  But today I’m finishing up I See London I See France, a story that makes me feel as if I’m traveling with the characters…and I can relate to the dilemma facing the young mother, who leaves behind her demanding husband to take her three kids along on this journey.  How can she rediscover her passion and find herself again?



I was watching one of my favorite soaps earlier (Bold & the Beautiful), and the sound was gone, except for static.  So now I’m waiting for it to be available on  For some reason, the web version does not usually have the transmission problems.  We shall see!

What are you doing on a Monday?  What are you looking forward to this week?


imagesthorsten kaye






  1. I love your changing and rearranging! I spent most of my day reading Apple Tree Yard…but it was mixed in with Den working from home in the afternoon…kitty wrestling…and laundry…so much laundry!


    • Thanks, Patty…I have to get some exercise…lol; and I am easily bored and need to change things up. You had a busy day, too. Kitty wrestling and laundry sound intriguing…were they wrestling with the laundry, too?


  2. You have such a cute place. I like all your little nooks and crannies. I finished reading a book this morning, this afternoon we went and got hubby a new iPhone, this evening I will be watching Sherlock on Netflix. The new season starts Sunday evening, so I am playing catch-up since I never watched the first two seasons. Since everyone was telling me it was a fun show, I figured I needed to check it out and see what I was missing. This week-end I watched season 1, and the first show in season 2, therefore tonight I will be watching the second show of season 2.


    • Thanks, Gigi Ann….I am enjoying it, as it’s smaller than my previous home and easier to keep up…but more challenging in terms of arranging things.

      Isn’t Netflix the greatest? There are many shows that I missed and can now enjoy…although it consumes the better part of a day to watch several episodes.

      I need an iPhone…everyone else seems to have one, and I’ve never had even one! lol


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