Today has been one of making changes.  I had a visual image of how I wanted things to be.  After I started, I wished I had muscle to help, as getting tables through doors can be a real challenge.  I pulled a couple of muscles, too!

But this table (above) was in my office, with my laptop and other office things on top of it.  I thought:  what a waste!  I wasn’t even sure if the table would fit in the designated spot, but when I measured, I realized that it would.

I had a little drop leaf table by the bookshelves:




I took it into the office, pulled up the leaves, and voila!



And here’s another view:




I put up my 2014 calendar, so I can look at the pictures on each page….colorful typewriters.  Remember those?

Do you know how, when you move a couple of things, you have to rearrange a lot more other stuff to accommodate the changes?  I had to put some office stuff on the little rolltop desk in my bedroom…the items that were on the drop leaf table before it became the office “desk.”

I even had to move some pictures around, as when I moved the printer to the other desk, the calendar was not visible.

And in the office, I had to move the file cabinet into another part of the room.

I didn’t photograph everything…those shots will be for another day.  Now I think I’ll go take a nap!  Do the holidays generate changes in your home?  Furniture rearranging, etc.?



    1. I thought that was you, Craigywegs…but I was almost ready to dump the comment into the spam folder…ha-ha. Wasn’t sure about that name!

      Those burly/surly ones live way across town…and have busy lives. Plus, Heather would probably convince me that she needs the dining room table…LOL


  1. I know what you mean. I’ve been rearranging and moving furniture in one of the bedrooms because my daughter and her family are coming for a 3 week Christmas visit. Definitely feeling the domino effect…things have to shift because they no longer fit when new items are introduced. Luckily one of my sons has offered to help.


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