In a story that spans decades, from 1979-2008, Tumbleweeds: A Novel chronicles the journey of three best friends who met during 1979, in Kersey, Texas, a small town in the Panhandle.

They dubbed themselves the “orphans” because of the death or abandonment of each of their parents, and their connection would last for a very long time. But something would happen as they approached young adulthood–in fact, two events–that would change their lives forever.

Cathy Benson, Trey Don Hall, and John Caldwell had a special connection, some devastating secrets, and would finally come together again in 2008. Would the three of them find resolution? Would their secrets come to light? Or would the wrongs, betrayals, and unforgiven moments mark them indefinitely? And what unexpected act would change the course they had charted for themselves?

This is a coming-of-age tale: a story that examines how secrets can change lives, and a mysterious unfolding of consequences that have built up over the years, coming together in a slow reveal.

Some of the secrets are known to the reader early on, while others come out of left field near the end.

There were parts of the story that had me rapidly turning pages, while other parts–the first sections of the book that constituted half of it–were so slow it was like watching paint dry. For those who enjoy big sagas, with secrets, betrayals, and mysteries, this would be one I’d recommend. But if you prefer a seamless unveiling of the plot and themes, you might want to pass. 3.5 stars.


    • I just now finished the 13th and final episode of Season 1, of Orange is the New Black. I hope they have another season, since it didn’t really tell the “end.”

      But I have the e-book, so I can read about it. Thanks for stopping by, Patty…did you figure things out about finding my posts?

      And the other weird thing about Tumbleweeds…it took forever to get from ages 11-18, and then, with leaps and bounds, took them to age 40. And I got whiplash trying to keep up!


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