71wN7yu8gaL._SL1500_Cassie Fenton Blake has lived in San Francisco all of her life, and has memories of spending days hanging out in the Fenton Department Store owned by her mother, Diana. Her mother has always wanted her to work in the store, but Cassie’s passion is organic vegetable gardening, and across the Bay, helps Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters in her garden. Cassie believes that her marriage to Aidan Blake, an ethics professor at Berkeley, is everything she needs and that her life is just about perfect.

Best friend Alexis has a husband who travels around the world for months at a time, but enjoys lavishing pricey goodies on his wife. But she finds herself bored and listlessly trying to seek out adventures.

Then an unexpected encounter at the store one day turns Cassie’s life upside down, and starts a landslide of doubts and fears about her husband.

What does Cassie do after confronting her husband? How will a special project initiated by her mother turn into an exciting venture that will change how she views her life? And what new endeavor will Alexis fall into, somewhat serendipitously, and how will it completely recharge her waning energy?

Market Street was a delightful, if slightly predictable story with just enough romance and intriguing adventures to keep me reading. Of course, I was pleased when Cassie dumped Aidan and started making choices that would benefit her and her career. 3.5 stars.


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