Hooked up and Ready to Watch!

Hooked up and Ready to Watch!


As some of you know, I have my various obsessions, one of the most recent ones being watching shows on the Internet via an HDMI cable.  Yes, I can view them on my TV.

Probably everyone else in the universe already watches Netflix….either via the Internet or DVDs.

I signed up for the Internet viewing, lined up a few movies and shows in my queue…and curled up on my couch to try it out.




I’m loving it!

I’m pondering doing away with a few of my movie channels on my TV service, but first I want to play around with this “old, but new to me” way of viewing.  I know that I’ll probably love it more than trying to find something good to watch On Demand.

And I can certainly have Netflix AND my TV movie channels…but….what would happen if I changed a few things up?  I could possibly save some money.

I always love finding new solutions (for me) for everyday problems, like the mounting costs of my guilty pleasures.


Meanwhile, over at Amazon, I found another Kindle book to download.  This one is a Wendy Wax novella that brings back the characters from the Ten Beach Road books, and is like a prequel to the new book coming in the spring.   Christmas at the Beach, only 92 pages.




Since today is the last day of the month, I’m hoping to get some more reading done…so it’s back to the lovely book that I haven’t been able to put down since I began:  Leaving Haven, by Kathleen McCleary.




What would you do if your best friend in the world gave you the greatest gift…and then turned around and committed the ultimate betrayal?

The ins and outs of the friendship dynamic, along with family issues…plus a beautiful newborn baby, bring us a wonderfully captivating story.


What will your Thursday bring?  I got three more Vine books yesterday, which I will talk about more later….it is like an endless stream of Christmas gifts in the mail…loving it!






  1. In September I discontinued our cable DISH. And signed up with NETFLIX. So far I am happy with it. I like a lot of the English TV shows and movies, and so much more. We put up an antenna and get all our local channels plus PBS free. I hope you enjoy your new guilty pleasures.


    • Oh, that’s great, Gigi Ann…I read another blogger comment the other day about substituting Netflix for cable channels…I have ATT-Uverse, and trying to modify my service online didn’t work so well, so I guess I’ll have to call on the phone! LOL

      But so far, I’m enjoying the choices of movies and shows on Netflix. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I love it when you find a new passion/guilty pleasure!

    We have been doing this with Amazon Instant Video…when you have an Amazon Prime membership…you can stream movies, TV shows etc…for free…or rather it’s included in the Prime yearly fee…it’s how I am watching Helen West! It’s basically the same as Netflix but you get that free 2 nd day shipping!


    • Ooh, something more to check out! Thanks, Patty…glad you could stop by. I have been dissatisfied with my digital provider for awhile…the movies are repeated over and over on most of the channels….and On Demand has gone from bad to worse….sigh.


  3. We gave up cable TV entirely last spring. So far, the only thing I miss is PBS. Netflix is great; we’ve been making our way through the seasons of ‘West Wing’, some of which we missed when it was actually on TV. And they have some of the older seasons of PBS shows, too. We have the Amazon Prime membership, but the visual quality isn’t as good (or not as consistently good) as Netflix streaming. You can also see some TV shows online using Hulu, and Hulu Plus offers more for a relatively small monthly fee (though we haven’t signed up for that.) For Hulu and Hulu Plus, I think you have to watch on your computer or hook it up to your TV screen.


    • I have Hulu, but just the free version; I haven’t explored much on that site, but plan to do so. Thanks for stopping by, Lark…and I love finding new ways to do things. And I do hook my laptop up to my TV.



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