When Amelia Grace, events organizer at Castle Rock, an Atlanta concert venue, books several gigs with Bobby Glitter, a rock star from her own teen years, she believes their company is moving on up.

With everything poised for a successful week, Amelia is stunned when her boss, Parker Deering, plunges to his death from an overhead tower on opening night. And with his murder still unsolved, another tragedy occurs on the second night.

Now Amelia is more determined than ever to find out who is responsible, especially when the police seem determined to nail Bryce, the bouncer, and possibly Amelia’s best friend Kat, who has a secret of her own.

Narrated in the first person voice of Amelia, Murder at Castle Rock is like a mix of girl-detective and cozy mystery, with great characterizations and exciting twists and turns. I enjoyed how we could see Amelia’s day-to-day life, with her ordinary moments, as she sets out to help solve the case. I felt as though I were right with her in her favorite pizza restaurant, as well as cozily ensconced with her and her trio of cats at her high rise apartment.

I enjoyed the mix of mystery and romance, and the way the author portrayed the characters, especially the annoying ones, like Stacey, whose ownership of another venue across town adds a surprising dimension to the story, while also showing her as a snarky foil for Amelia’s down-home girl-detective. Teenage Bronwyn Sinclair has pouting and scowling down to an art, but shows us a tender and helpful side as she joins Amelia in sleuthing, along with Tony Spencer.

But is anyone who he or she seems? Are friends really foes? And what and who are behind the murders, anyway?

Just when I thought I had the murderer figured out, I was blindsided by an unexpected twist. When I thought the story was going one way, the misdirection turned into an exciting revelation of secret agendas and alliances.

Great conclusion to a page turner that I couldn’t put down. Five stars!


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