16248211When Holly Brennan met Logan Montgomery on a flight from Toronto to New York, she knew that they lived in completely different worlds.

Holly was a widow at thirty-two with so much extra poundage that she sometimes was mortified to fly coach, especially, like now, when sitting next to Logan, the Adonis, a personal trainer to pro athletes.

On the flight, they exchange a few words, and Logan finds there is something intriguing about Holly. Her sharp wit, her keen insight…and who knows? She could be someone he could make over in his gym.

So they start on a journey. A fitness journey that turns into something more. But even after toning and losing weight, Holly knows that she will never be like the model-thin women Logan usually goes for. And when he seems to want her, and they begin a relationship, she just knows that it will never work.

She is right to worry, as Logan seems to be embarrassed to take her out in public, and then when he does, he is still seeing her from the eyes of his friends and associates. Not a good sign!

How will someone whose life has been about superficiality manage to connect permanently with someone who has her own charms, plus a surprising depth that will put them at odds with one another once their sizzling affair burns out?

Logan’s best friends, Chase and Amanda, appeared to have some promising qualities, but then we see their story veer into a weird “spanking” and domination fetish that didn’t seem to fit with a story about transformations.

A predictable story of opposites attracting, the repartee between Logan and Holly had a biting wit that left me smiling. However, I knew that the same old issues would rear their ugly heads before the end of Big Girl Panties: A Novel. And the tidy little ending just left me feeling as though nothing had been resolved. That the two of them were ignoring their underlying feelings, and that eventually the differences between them would resurface. Four stars.


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