81gksXo1XwL._SL1500_Sophie Atwater’s perfect world is falling apart.

In the opening page of The Star Attraction, the reader is pulled into Sophie’s orbit at a low point, just after a very devastating episode in her life as a celebrity publicist threatens to cancel out all the good moments of her career.

Then we are led through the weeks leading up to this event. It all started harmlessly enough—a flirtation with a celebrity client that came at a time in Sophie’s life when her relationship with boyfriend Jacob seemed to be stalled. The ego boost that comes from the attention of a gorgeous man can be irresistible. But devastating.

Reading the story, I was totally immersed in Sophie’s world. I could almost feel the energy that guided her through her days and nights, with her mind-numbing schedule. But she multitasks beautifully…until she doesn’t.

I enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of what makes celebrity events happen, and also the daily moments of her life, like watching TV and enjoying time with friends, which make her seem like the girl next door.

What brings Sophie’s “harmless” flirtation to the notice of her boss? And what will it take to discover who is behind her public disgrace? Will her relationship with Jacob be over, or is there hope for the two of them?

Predictably fun and coming together in a happily-ever-after way, the tale is a familiar one, but with some intriguing and charming twists. 4.5 stars.



    • Yes, she is on Days of our Lives as Sami…and has been for twenty years. She also hosts The Biggest Loser. She is a very busy lady! She has written a memoir, and a book about being a mom and about dieting. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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