My weekend was spent with my grandson Noah, who is almost eleven.  Because he has been very busy going back and forth between his parents, I haven’t had as much time to spend with him.  So the weekend was a time to share adventures.  We ate out, watched movies, and while he was playing video games, I read.  So it was like parallel play, in a way.  And I actually finished one book and most of another this weekend.



Noah enjoying seafood


When my daughter came to pick him up last night, she brought the flowers you see on the pub table.  Lovely surprise!

And she picked up the boxed collection of Coca Cola dishware that I was giving her, leaving my rearranged country cupboard behind (minus the Coca Cola items):


country cupboard


So my weekend experiences are a good response to the question posed today at Should Be Reading:


What do you do when life gets in the way, and you just don’t have much time to read? Do you complain? Do you accept it? Do you do everything in your power to make time to read? Share your thoughts!


Life could have kept me from reading, but I found a way to work it in anyway.

I do have more time to read than I once did, back when I had a “regular day job.”  But even then, I would sandwich the reading in between other activities, like at lunchtime (get it:  sandwich!  lol)..and then again in the evenings.

Living alone allows for a lot more freedom, however, as I recall that my years of living with others (in marriages, etc.) did get in the way.  My reading was much harder to arrange back then.  I didn’t complain, but I looked forward to opportunities as they presented themselves.

What do the rest of you do?  How do you fit reading into your life?


boudoir in late august



  1. I’m quite funny as although I love reading I do find it hard to just pick up a book when there are other things I feel I could be doing. This weekend though while the OH was away I sat and read for hours in the daytime – it was wonderful so I’m very jealous but I’m sure my time will come.


  2. Lovely family and bedroom. As you already know I try to read each day if only for 15 minutes. Two weeks ago I crocheted a baby blanket and didn’t do much reading at all. The baby shower was last evening and what a fun time we ladies all had.


  3. That is one definite upside to living alone–you can read until 2am if you want to and no one is telling you to turn out the light! (However, nowadays my eyes are drooping by about 10pm!) You can read while you eat dinner and not have to make conversation. On the downside, there’s no one else to help with all the chores and other “life stuff” that can infuriatingly interfere with reading time!


  4. That is such an interesting thing to think about. I usually read more in the mornings and again at night…but I can read anywhere and I can not just watch TV,,,I need to read while it’s on.


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