boudoir in late august

It has been a cozy week so far.  Because my car needs some work done, which I can’t do until next week, I’ve been nesting even more than usual.

And relying on rides from my son and daughter, alternately.  What fun.  To be a passenger.

My daughter, her partner, and her son have finally moved into their own place, after a couple of years when she shared a home with a friend.  She came to get boxes stored in my garage, and looked longingly into my cabinets for the one set of dishware of mine that she likes—most of my stuff is too busy for her!—and I told her she could have them.  My Coca Cola dishware.


Coca Cola


I did have to think about it for a minute or two…or half the day, before calling her back to say yes.  I have developed a fondness for them…but I have so many other dishes, since I’m an avid collector.  This morning, I had breakfast on these dishes:



They are colorful and cheer me up.  So it’s the end of an era.

I love looking at the coincidental pathways of life.  My daughter is the same age I was when I started over in an apartment that mimics the one she rented:  designed by the same builder, but on the opposite side of town.

Here’s my daughter at age four in the apartment that mimics her new one:


Heather and friend - 1981

My place had lots of wicker…hers will have none.  She is the Anti-Wicker Queen.  I am surprised that I have anything she wanted, but the Coca Cola dishes have the one thing we both enjoy:  vintage, with a simple design.

Note:  In the photo above, I still have that little table that sits behind the sofa.  I bought it in the 70s, when it was already 25 years old.  It is called an “ice cream table,” and has served as a game table, a plant table, and now it is featured like this in my current home, a place for a lamp and some books, in between my two sofas.



And because I’m feeling especially cozy today, I’m reading a cozy mystery.  The third book in the Embroidery Shop Mysteries, Cross-Stitch Before Dying, by Amanda Lee.  My first book I read in this series was The Quick and the Thread, in which I first met the characters who continue to show up in subsequent books.



Set in Tallulah Falls, Oregon, Marcy Singer’s embroidery shop is a gathering place for “stitchers,” and a place where murders get solved.  Cozily…


In this latest story, Marcy’s mother, a costume designer for Hollywood, becomes tangled up in a mystery that takes place when the movie people are shooting scenes in Tallulah Falls.

There is also a cute dog named Angus.

What cozy, or not so cozy activities are you enjoying today?  Come on by, but be sure to bring your coffee.






    • That’s what I’m thinking….Hmm, my daughter can invite me to dinner more. LOL. She is an excellent cook, and when I went there for dinner a week ago, she served delicious enchiladas. But I noticed she could use some dinnerware.

      I’m just glad that there is something of mine that she likes, as many of my “precious collections” (to me only, perhaps), are not her cup of tea.

      Thanks for visiting, Patty.


  1. I love your sense of style &decorating–it also showed in your writing in the book Web of Tyranny. I love all those descriptions of the furniture and decorations.
    So nice of you to give up a collection that’s special to you, but at least it is staying in the family. Your Coca Cola dining set is just awesome!


    • Thanks, Rita, how sweet of you to say….and I’m glad you are enjoying my Web of Tyranny view of the world of decorating…lol.

      And I did hesitate about giving up the Coca Cola dishes, but I have so many others…that it seemed important to do it. And you’re right…it does stay in the family.

      I love the Coca Cola dining set, too; I initially bought those pieces, along with the dishware, for my guesthouse in the hills. And when I moved here, it seemed more appropriate to build my new decor around them.


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