16130307It has been almost a decade since Andy Sachs worked for the devil herself, Miranda Priestly. The year she spent as an assistant at Runway Magazine still gives her nightmares.

But a few years after her departure, and after writing for a successful wedding blog for awhile, she runs into Miranda’s first assistant Emily in a cooking class, and despite how they were so at odds with one another at Runway, they find themselves bonding. Then becoming actual friends. And inexplicably starting their own wedding magazine together, The Plunge. Each brings her own unique talents to the table.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns starts with Andy’s wedding to Max Harrison, one of the investors for their magazine, with whom she has been living for awhile. But something happens just before they tie the knot: an unpleasant and surprising discovery that turns the first weeks of the marriage into a shaky time. And then another discovery shakes Andy to the core: she is pregnant.

Even as she starts to get over the first discovery, the secret she finally confronted Max about, Andy and Emily are jolted by still another surprise. The media group that owns Runway, and which Miranda is head of, offers them a lot of money to acquire The Plunge. Tempting as the offer may be, Andy is reluctant. Part of the sale includes a transitional year in which she and Emily will work for Miranda again…

Now Emily and Andy are at odds with one another…almost like the days as Miranda’s assistants. And as the two continue to disagree, Andy sees that Emily is turning again into that simpering creature who kowtowed to Miranda, and not at all like the smart partner she has had. What will become of their friendship? What will they decide about the magazine? And how will Max’s pressure to sell affect their relationship?

Meanwhile, Andy’s old college boyfriend Alex has resurfaced, and surprising feelings begin to surface.

Then a horrific betrayal turns everything upside down…and Andy’s world changes dramatically.

While I enjoyed revisiting Andy and Emily, and even Alex, I was a bit disappointed with how events crawled along slowly through most of the midsection and then jumped ahead rather quickly at the end. It felt rushed at a time when I would have loved some lingering over the “after” part. But overall, the story felt like a nice reunion with the characters. Four stars.


  1. I keep seeing version of this review every time I see on for this installment – everyone says 2/3rd slow and nothing happening and the baddie appears in the last 5 minutes and the show starts and then it’s just… over.


  2. I didn’t read the first book but I have certainly heard all about it and the movie. I think one of my daughters read the first one and enjoyed it. Thanks for the detailed review–I will pass on it, but love to read people’s opinions on these highly-hyped books.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Rita….I got this copy from the library…and I’m glad I did, because I won’t be rereading it. Pretty enjoyable, though, except for the sections that were too slow or too fast…lol.


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