dining room changes

I woke up late (for me) this morning.  6:15 a.m.!  How did that happen?

Oh, yes, I was watching TV last night in my bedroom….


It was a movie on my DVR about a couple, with a teenaged daughter, just waiting for their elderly neighbor to die so they could buy her apartment (next door to theirs).

Manhattan real estate is at a premium.

So anyway, I stopped watching about halfway through, right after the husband started having an affair with the neighbor’s granddaughter….

This morning, I found the CBS app on the Internet and set it up to watch The Young and the Restless, no longer available on Soapnet…just to catch the tail end of the show that was preempted by the President’s speech.

Now I enjoyed the speech…and this interruption was better than some.  But seriously?  They couldn’t wait five more minutes to interrupt, especially since the speech itself didn’t start for that long?  It was just ramblings by the “talking heads,” who are always boring, IMO.

Anyway….I’ve also been doing some scanning of old photos…some of Rainbow Cottage, my guest house in the foothills.  My daughter painted it all kinds of colors, like these:

Orange bathroom

Orange bathroom

What’s funny is that, when Heather was a baby, we lived in a house with colors just like the ones she’d chosen:  orange bathroom, gold family room, etc.  I guess she had a sense memory…or saw them in the photo albums, more likely.

Here’s another one:

kitchen at Rainbow Cottage

That old painted milk can is one I had back in the day.

Here’s a book I’m now reading…a reminder of family stuff.  The Good Daughter, by Jane Porter, is in the Brennan Sisters Series.


What next?  Maybe I’ll finish watching that weird movie before I continue reading.  What do you like to do on a Thursday morning?


    • I usually wake up at 5:00 a.m.! So it felt like I was oversleeping…lol. But it has been an interesting day. I love the colors, too; always enjoyed my daughter’s artistic bent. Thanks for visiting, Patty.


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