Sunday moments

I used to hate Sundays.  Why?  Because of Mondays, following closely on their heels.

But nowadays, Sundays are blissful.  I wake up early to delicious coffee, and later…a mimosa.  I might sit at this little dropleaf table where I ponder things or even pay bills.  It’s by the sliding glass door that looks out on the patio, where I might sit later, now that the weather is gorgeous.


By now, I’ve already posted my Sunday Salon thoughts:  My reading and blogging adventures for the week, and what’s coming up next.

I guess that I can’t really mind all those years of hating Sundays because of Mondays….without all those years in the trenches, I wouldn’t appreciate my days now.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about people I once knew and lost touch with…like a great friend in college, with whom I corresponded for several years…and then, nothing.

I searched for her at one of those sites…when Googling her on online networks revealed nothing.  And found her!  Not far from where she was when we last connected.  Now…I stare at the page with the info and wonder.  What now?

A cold call?  A letter?  I don’t have an e-mail address.  I don’t recall why or how we lost touch, but I know that back then, I was moving around a lot…and I changed my name a few times…lol. (Not just my last name, but my first name, too!).

Memories of our times together have revisited me in some of my creations.  One of the characters in Interior Designs is loosely based on her.  She was the friend who was brave and had loads of chutzpah…and she wasn’t even Jewish!

It’s kind of sappy, revisiting the past and remembering those we knew when.  But perhaps not so unusual, as we get older.

I’m reading Elizabeth Berg’s Tapestry of Fortunes, in which the characters are planning a road trip to revisit people they lost along the way.  For one of them, it’s an old love; for another, it’s a child she gave up at birth.

tapestry of fortunes

Do you ever ponder the connections of the past….those lost, or even forgotten?  What do you do about it?



  1. I truly do know what you mean about Sunday…the blues started to hit me earlier and earlier…sometimes as soon as I woke up! That’s when I knew it was time to stop teaching! Now I love Sunday! It is my most favorite day…I hate it for Den, though…As for friends…I sort of live in the moment…and savor relationships now and let the past be the past…


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