Good morning!  Welcome to another Sunday Potpourri post, in which we celebrate moments in our lives; sometimes those moments are from the previous week, but at other times, they commemorate whatever we are enjoying in our lives.

I love St. Patrick’s Day….it reminds me of the great photos of Ireland that my eldest son brought back with him after living there for several months.  He even put together a gallery showing of some of those images in the 1990’s.

In my blog header today (and in the photo above), note the little vignette (on the left) of Irish images I have brought together in my bedroom, which I’ve dubbed my Ireland Room.

Here are some more current arrangements:

Ireland Vignette & Photos in my Ireland Room

Ireland Vignette & Photos in my Ireland Room

Some of the black and white photos on the walls are from cemeteries in Ireland, where sculptured images showcase the loved ones and the memories of them.

Beer, especially Guinness, symbolizes all things Irish—especially for my son.  And then there’s Green Beer that seems to symbolize St. Patrick’s Day.


of beer

So…that’s what March gives us….and also some great reading.  Do you have any favorite books set in Ireland?  Does Maeve Binchy come to mind?  Or Cecelia Ahern?

Here’s one I enjoyed, although it wasn’t my favorite Maeve Binchy book:  Whitethorn Woods.


Here’s another Maeve Binchy book that I read last year; this one was better….

Firefly Summer takes the reader into the heart of a village undergoing massive changes.  Set in the 1960’s.


Cecelia Ahern’s P.S., I Love You isn’t a book I’ve read.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, with the lush scenes in Ireland.


What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you (if anything)?  What are some favorite books you remember from the past…and what will you be reading in March?


  1. I love St. Patrick’s Day because we have a big family and friends party at our house. Firefly Summer was the first Binchy novel I read. My kids were very young at the time and I loved escaping into her books every now and then. My oldest daughter read them when she was an older teen. I’ll start March out by reading A Week in Winter – Binchy’s final novel. Makes me sad to think there’ll be no more wonderful Irish stories from Maeve.


    • Oh, I must add A Week in Winter to my stacks! I love savoring the Binchy novels, and there are a few more that I haven’t read. I am sad that she’s gone, too.

      Thanks for visiting, Mary…and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!


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