536829Kate Klein loved her Manhattan lifestyle: the energy, the neighborhoods, her career.

So how did she end up, almost accidentally, in suburban Upchurch, Connecticut, with the perfect mothers who congregate in the playground? Nothing she does comes out quite right, and, of course, she doesn’t have the perfectly toned body or the right clothes. Not to mention her three stair step kids take every ounce of her energy.

However, next door neighbor Kitty Kavanaugh has invited her over to talk one day. Thrilled, Kate is eager to find out why…only to stumble upon Kitty’s murdered body in the kitchen. The trauma of that event, plus her natural curiosity, lead Kate into a quest to find the murderer. After all, the cops in Upchurch don’t seem too eager to solve this case.

As soon as the gossip mongers shout out that Kitty was the ghostwriter for a popular columnist/TV star, the questions swirl around. And Kate wonders if some kind of rivalry between the two is at the heart of this murder.

Then she wonders: why did Kitty always have an older man in her corner, especially since gifts and goodies seemed to follow? Why is there so little information about her life before Upchurch? And what secrets and lies hide behind the perfect facades in this suburban enclave?

Meanwhile, Kate’s husband Ben seems to be sabotaging her efforts, while old friend (and hottie) Evan McKenna is all too eager to lend a hand. BFF Janie Segal adds fun to the dialogues, as well as providing a polished counterpart for the klutzy Kate. A fun read that literally kept me awake at night, Goodnight Nobody was another fabulous creation from Weiner, to which I must give five stars.



    • I don’t know how I missed this one when it first came out…and I actually thought I’d read it because the cover looked familiar. But I hadn’t…so I retrieved it from the library. Thanks for visiting, Nise…hope you enjoy it.


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