Desk - Close-up

Desk – Close-up

As I opened my bleary eyes this morning, I first saw my desk in the corner.  Then the light on the alarm clock, followed by all the other details of my room.  And I thought:  we’re still here!

I’d had the usual potpourri of dreams that populate my nights.  A mix of past, present, and future served up with a large dose of unreality.

And filtering its way through all of it was that “end of the world” thing hovering overhead.

I guess it’s inevitable that, even when we don’t believe weird predictions (Y2k, Rapture…remember those?), a part of us wonders.  Could it be?

Nevertheless, I continued with my day yesterday, staying up rather late to finish Windfall, a richly layered story set in 1930s England…and wrote my review. (Click title).


Don’t you love a book that is so full of wonderfully flawed and interesting characters, threaded with plots and subplots that keep you guessing and turning those pages?

Now that I’ve closed the book on that story, I’m thoroughly enjoying Jeanne Cooper’s memoir, Not Young, Still Restless.


I am intrigued by many of the background details of her life, like growing up just south of where I now live; spending time in other cities where I have a history; and living with some rules and regulations that governed my childhood, too.

Of course, the similarities end there.  But the details, along with my years-long admiration for her as the centerpiece of one of my favorite soaps, have me eagerly turning those pages.

I am sure I’ll be finished very quickly.  And then on to the next book.  What’s next?

Well, I’m thinking of a book on Sparky that’s been patiently waiting:  a nonfiction story written by two of the authors with whom I share a group blog, Dames of Dialogue.

Whistling Woman, by C. C. Tillery (pseudonym for Caitlyn Hunter and Christy Tillery French).


What are you planning for your Pre-Christmas weekend?



  1. Patty, at Book, Thoughts & a Few Adventures Said: OMG…I am more in shock that you have yet another blog…a group one! Wow…

    We are relaxing after breakfast…getting ready to rearrange the family room…aren’t you impressed? We have little house jobs to do which aso include finally finishing the tree!


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