After last week’s journey toward finding another beaded curtain for my condo, I scanned these images from my old photo albums.

These are Circa 2004, when I was still living in the A-frame cottage shown on the right in the photo above.

Those beaded curtains definitely intrigued the grandchildren.  You can see one of them running through the beads (in the photo second from left).  I think that was the ultimate game for those kids.  The beads were pretty sturdy, as they didn’t break.

Before I moved, I lent them to my daughter for her home farther up in the foothills.  Alas, the beads did break during her time with them.

Which led me on a quest for new ones.

I think these have more of the “sixties” vibe that I was going for…so everything works out.  But I do enjoy perusing the old albums and seeing that home and decor.

You might recognize the little red cupboard, in these old photos; I still have it.

See it in the left corner above.

As much as I enjoyed looking at my previous incarnation with some of these same collections, I like my new space more.

But I do miss the hunter green dining table (you can see the chairs in the top photo); however, I didn’t have room for that table and the Coca Cola one in my new space.  The Coca Cola table won out…and my daughter got the “farm table.”

Do you enjoy looking back at older versions of your home and/or life?  Do you feel nostalgic?


    1. Oh, yes…and it’s probably no accident that I haven’t been back to where I grew up since my mom’s funeral. My brother and his family live there, now, and I’m sure they’ve changed it. As is their right. But it might feel…weird.

      Thanks for visiting, Patty….


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