I have a lot of books.  But when I found this treasure on Pinterest, I had to rethink my idea of “a lot of books.”

Okay, mine are scattered throughout the house; literally, they are in every room.  But I love imagining a place where all the books live, and in the midst of it all, there is a really comfortable chair.

If you have read any of my blog posts, you know at least two things about me:  I love books; and I love spaces:  Creating them, recreating them, and reconfiguring them.

My obsession was rekindled by my recent read of Nate Berkus’s The Things That Matter.  I felt connected to his ideas about what matters in my home.

This week has helped me focus completely on my interiors, from my reading and from my reconfiguring of my spaces.

Happier at Home launched that special feeling about the importance of home.

Another favorite this week was The Glass Butterfly.  Suspenseful, frightening, and cozy, too.  Can you imagine those ingredients together?


Picture a therapist in a beautiful home, a serene backdrop surrounding the home, and then…like a blast from a furnace, danger from one of her clients envelopes our MC.  What will she do?  And then an intriguing parallel story takes the reader to still another reality….

My reading week has been awesome!  Each book brought something really special into my world. 

And then there were my surroundings going through a facelift, turning my interiors into something that felt new.

This morning I took breakfast in bed and watched a movie on my DVR.  Now I’m in the living room, curled up under one of my favorite throws—since it’s finally cool here!—and I’m pondering what to do with my day.  Other than vegging on the sofa and watching movies.


What do you enjoy on a Sunday?  Plans for later?  Or staying inside and nesting?


  1. That sure does bring a new definition to A LOT OF BOOKS. Love the photo.

    Wonderful on your week and breakfast in bed. THE GLASS BUTTERFLY looks outstanding…thanks.

    It is BEAUTIFUL here in Pittsburgh. Getting a lot done outside and inside. The sun makes me productive. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your day and week.

    Silver’s Reviews


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