If I had my druthers, I would curl up in a bed like this today…and just vegetate.

Instead I’ve been blogging and reading and watching movies on the big screen TV in the living room.  Probably the reason I’m not still curled up in bed (even though mine doesn’t look like the bed in the photo) is the absence of a big screen TV in my bedroom.

Plus I don’t have a DVD player there (why don’t I?); and I’m in the mood to watch DVDs.

Yesterday I was reading You Tell Your Dog First, by Alison Pace (click for review).

In one section, the author describes searching for dog-friendly buildings in NY, and how she wanted to live on the West Side.  Then she mentioned the building where Meg Ryan’s character resided in You’ve Got Mail...and naturally, I had to grab that DVD and watch it again!

New York has been in my thoughts for the past several days due to the storm.  And I’m hoping that the magical city is restored to its wonder again. 

I read a lot of books set in NY, and love movies set there, too.

Today I’m reading a book by another NY author:  Gretchen Rubin, whose Happiness Project inspired me a couple of years ago.  Her newest one, Happier at Home, is inspiring me to surround myself with the objects that mean the most to me.  I sort of do this already, but there is no end to the projects I could launch.

And I’ve added another sentimental piece to my surroundings this week.  Watching another movie, Stella, I saw the beaded curtains that made me think of another time in my life.  And went online to order some.

My curtains arrived by FedEx on Thursday.  I had to wait the whole day for them, so I scrounged around for hours, not leaving the house.  And at 4:30, the doorbell rang.

These are nothing like the ones I had in the seventies, or the ones I chose in the nineties; I like these better.

Did any of you have a great week?  How was your Halloween?  Here are some pix of the grandkids at my Saturday Snapshot.


  1. I did not have the best of weeks but…it is getting better…it is 7:30 and we are up in bed…getting ready to watch a movie! Den is sick…I am keeping him company! It’s kind of fun except for the coughing…and I am an
    impatient caregiver!

    I love the curtain…good job!


    • It is not surprising your week was stressful, with the storm and all. The aftermath is always difficult, too. Sickness seems to follow. Hope you have a better day today. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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