In a world of “happily ever after,” there might just be more to the story.

Or so Delilah believes when her strange obsession with a fairytale turns into something totally unexpected. First of all, what fifteen-year-old girl reads fairytales, she wonders? But in a world where she doesn’t quite fit in, Delilah has found her niche with this particular book and feels a special connection to the character of Prince Oliver. So when one day she hears his voice, and begins an ongoing dialogue with him, everything changes. Especially when Oliver asks her to help him escape from the pages.

Between the Lines is a fast paced story that leads the reader into the imaginary world of a book within the book, narrated by Oliver, followed by Delilah’s perspective. We get to see how each of them are inexplicably drawn to each other and the “ever after” they have envisioned.

How do Oliver and Delilah accomplish the impossible task? What unexpected twists does their story take in their effort to spring Oliver from the book? And why does Delilah end up on Cape Cod meeting someone who is surprising and crucial to bringing the story to its rightful conclusion?

I wasn’t at all sure that I would enjoy this book, as I’m not a YA fan. But I did like that I could suspend my disbelief just enough to feel empathy for the characters—both the ones in the fairytale and those in the “real” world part of the book. I would recommend it for young people who are struggling with issues of not fitting in, as well as anyone who enjoys a good unexpected tale. Four stars.



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