Stormy weather brings out the candles, flashlights, and for some, the generators.

We had a little rain this week, but nothing major.  But now is the season for unpredictable stormy days.  Or predicted ones.  Like on the East Coast.  For all my friends there, be safe.

The candle pictured above has a story.  And I think I’ve told it on another blog at another time, but perhaps it bears repeating.  And embellishment.

Not the falsehood kind, but the extra details kind.

It was 1968.  I lived in a suburb of Sacramento, CA, with a toddler and a newborn.  My husband traveled a lot, so I was left to my own devices. 

Walking was a favorite pastime, as I could bundle the kids in a stroller, and off we would go.  A favorite destination was a supermarket in the neighborhood that had a large gift section.  Quirky things.  Fascinating things.  Like that candle.  There was something about it that just appealed to me.

So I bought it.  It has traveled with me from place to place over the years.  And there were a lot of places. Fourteen different addresses in the 1970s.  Three places in the 1980s (see, I was stabilizing!).

In the 1990s, I only moved once.

Now I’ve been at my current address for five years (I came here from my thirteen-year stint in the foothills in 2007).

The point being:  this candle (and various other collections of mine) has been around.

Sometimes I remember something I once had, and look around, wondering where it is.  Did I lose it along the way?  Throw it in the giveaway bins?  Or is it still packed in a see-through bin in my garage?

Last week, I was searching for some office supplies that I knew I had seen recently, but thought I might have moved them to the bins.  Well, I hadn’t; but in my quest, I did find a box of old photos still in a bin, and confiscated some of them.

I scanned a few, like these:

My Older Brother and Me: Circa – 1946 or 1947

My Mom and Me: Fixing Me

I really love the fact that these old black and white photos look good…especially when compared to more recent ones (from the 1970s) that have faded and/or taken on an orange tint.

Sometimes our discoveries are great…and at other times, not so much.  This is one I scanned awhile ago.

1972: My Youngest Son and Me


Very faded.  You can’t tell from this photo that my dress was bright green, purple, and red.

Now, with photos living on our computers (keep the flash drives handy!), we can hope for better longevity.

So…my assorted (and potpourri) of topics has led to this question:  What recent discoveries have you made?  What led you to the quest?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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