Earlier this week, I wrote about savoring the moments, over at Chocolate & Mimosas.

I was inspired by Nate Berkus’s book, The Things That Matter.  In my review, I shared how I also leap up and rearrange things in my house, almost at a moment’s notice.  A trigger might be something I’ve read in a book, like Berkus’s; or it might be just studying the objects around me and asking how they might look if I moved Object A to Point B.

Like shifting the chairs around on this dining table and noticing how I can see the trinkets on the shelves better now.

Or in the photo at the top of this post, I took objects from other places and shifted the ones that were already there…and I have a new vignette.  Notice the two versions of the Wizard of Oz characters, which have been there for awhile, but sometimes I don’t see both versions.  The resin vs. the plush.

Or in my office, moving the dolls and angels about so they are more noticeable.

Now that I can see the objects in this jelly cupboard (with the chairs shifted about), I can look at each of them and remember where I got them…and why.

Like the cranberry and beige wooden necklace hanging from the door….I wore that for the first time on June 9, 1970.  Why do I remember that date?  That was the date of a party (semester ending party!) where I met my second husband.

I have moved that trinket, along with many others, through numerable transfers.  I counted fourteen moves in the 1970s.  I’m surprised that so many things survived!

What do your things help you remember?  Do you change things around, and thus recall the moments in your past, even as you look at them in new ways?



  1. I really do not change things around the way you do…I freshen things or try to streamline collections…but I kind of like things the way they are…my changes are more seasonal ones…but I love that you constantly move things to refine your memories of them…also…our house is kind of big…if I did what you did I would be exhausted!


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