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Today’s Prompt:

This week’s musing — courtesy of — asks… Do you have a system as to which books to read from your “requested review pile?  What is it?  What about when there are too many to read in a certain time frame? {apologies to those who don’t review}


When I receive a review book, I immediately log it into my Book Review Page at Curl up and Read.

While I know that many folks have spreadsheets and other very organized ways of keeping track of their review books, I must admit that those systems haven’t worked for me.  After logging in my books, I list them in order, with dates due and put the list on my spindle.  Yes, old fashioned.

Then, as another reminder, I stack them on my office coffee table in order of dates due.  Each week, I add some of these books to my reading week, which I post about in It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?

So far, this system works for me.  Another thing that I do:  I turn away books when my numbers start feeling out of control.  I don’t want to feel as though reading is a chore!

Here’s a visual of my stack a couple of weeks ago.

My Reading/Review Stack

What do you do?  What system keeps you on track?


  1. Since I read for fun and entertainment, I am very selective of the books I choose for requested reading. I also don’t like the stress of having to have a book read by a certain time. That is one of the reasons I started my own personal library so I’m not under a deadline to get a book read. I also love my local library, but don’t check out many books because again I have to read it by a certain date, I am retired and don’t like stress. ; )


  2. I need to learn how to say No…that’s my downfall. I am buried in review books and know I shouldn’t accept any more until the pile gets manageable, but like they say, too many good books, not enough time. Have a great week.


  3. Hmmm…excellent question…so far nothing works for me…I say yes way too much…move books around…read what I want…and dance a little happy dance when egalleys disappear!


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