Today I’m enjoying a cozy weekend.  It’s cool outside, and I had the patio door open for awhile.  But then I had to close it.  Too brisk!

I love that!  Fall with the colorful leaves and the brisk air is a great reminder of what I enjoy most about the cooler seasons.  Curling up to read, with hot coffee or tea nearby.  Trays of food at regular intervals.  And occasional moments in front of the computer to visit blogs or write a post or two.

Today I’m reading a family saga by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  While it did not immediately engage me, like the Emma Harte series, I am starting to warm up to the characters.  Especially now that the family rivalries are stirring up and promising quite an upheaval.  Because that’s what happens to the rich who run companies.  The Heir is set in the early twentieth century, in England, where the characters have wonderful city homes as well as country estates.  I can almost see the interiors and exteriors, the author is so adept at descriptions.



I also posted some snapshots at Snow Sparks, for the Saturday Snapshot meme.

Here’s one of my newly reconfigured office, with the printer/scanner/fax addition.

And yes, my work table is now more cluttered….but I’m glad to have an addition that has three functions in one!

Now back to my book.  What is engaging you on this lovely weekend?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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