Welcome to another Monday Potpourri.  Today’s feature is Musing Mondays, hosted by Should Be Reading.

Today’s prompt:

What distracts you when you really “should be reading”?

Oh, my, the distractions line up and shout at me!  There’s the old favorite, TV; and even though one of my TVs died a couple of weeks ago, I have two others.

But social networking sites seemingly call out to me:  Facebook and Pinterest.

And then there is blogging.  I have eleven sites (down this past week from twelve), and I obsessively post, tweak, and recreate them.  Just this past week, I merged my two writing sites (Snow Chronicles and My Forest Journey) into one:  Snow Chronicles.

I love changing them up:  themes, blog headers, backgrounds.  You’d think I’d finally be satisfied, but no, they call out to me, asking me to play with them.

At my website, there’s a page for them all.

Then there are the distractions of life.  Like trying to find a new TV (while my son tries to fix the old one).  The reason:  it wasn’t that old.  Four years!  So he is definitely determined to fix it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been shopping around; just in case.

What distracts you?  I hope you’ll come on by and chat.


  1. Since I don’t understand Pinterest I think I can bypass that one, however, I have a few TV shows I enjoy from time to time, like tonight I will be watching “Dancing With the Stars” and reading during commercials. And like you I love messing with my blogs and the headers. I’m trying to find something that will stay for a while before I decide to change it, but I doubt that will ever happen. And finally thanks for the visit today.


    1. Yes, I get restless about changing up the blogs…headers, themes, etc. So far, this blog background has stayed awhile; I love it. But I have a group of headers I use here. Thanks for stopping by, Gigi Ann.


    1. Oh, yes, you do have a clue then, Nicki….I never planned to end up with so many blogs; and at one point, I had twenty. But even I knew that was totally obsessive…lol

      Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your blogging, etc.


  2. Patty

    I get distracted by everything…looking out the window…playing games…everything distracts me lately! My attention span is short in the fall!


  3. Holy crap you have a lot of sites! Looks like the internet is your weakness! I feel you about Pinterest though, last weekend I was addicted to adding all things Halloween to my board!

    Thanks for dropping by Du Livre


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