Welcome to another Monday Potpourri, my special place to ponder things.  Today’s Musing Mondays, hosted by Should Be Reading, asks this question:

This week’s musing — courtesy of– asks…

What is your least favorite book? Why?


I didn’t have to think about this one very long….I remember with appalling angst this read from several years ago.  2008, to be exact.  I finished the book because it was an Amazon Vine review.

Here’s my link to the review of  Holy Roller.

I had picked the book because it sounded like something I might enjoy…I’m not sure why at this point.  But what turned me off was that the writing and story telling were rambling narratives that led everywhere and nowhere.

I learned something by this experience, though; be careful what you pick!  Especially if it’s a book you’ll feel obligated to finish.

What about you?  What horrible books have you read?



  1. I more or less had the same experience with the book I featured today, however, I left out the title and author, but the only reason I finished the book was because I had to write a review about it. That is one of the reasons I almost never accept books anymore. I read for my own entertainment, and don’t want to feel obligated to have to finish a book I dislike.

    Thanks for stopping by today, always enjoy your comments.


    1. I am bombarded with author and publisher review requests, and turn down a lot of them because they don’t sound enjoyable to me. If I don’t enjoy a book, what’s the point?

      Thanks for stopping by, Ann, and enjoy your reading.


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