If you read yesterday’s Tuesday Potpourri post, you know that I love unusual bookshelves…or just bookshelves in general.

You may also notice that I do a lot of rearranging of my stuff.  But after I rearrange things, sometimes the process leads to more changes, ad infinitum.  Otherwise known as “holes or empty spaces left behind.”

To avoid that, I always have my eye out for ways to fill those holes, and I obsessively dig deeply into books and magazines for ideas on new uses for old things.

Like this barbecue cart that once held my Old TBR Stacks and then moved out on the patio for awhile.

Here it is, standing in for a shelf that now “lives” at the foot of my bed (where the wicker trunk stood).

Barbecue Cart in background now standing in for shelf in foreground (standing in for trunk)


Oh, how convoluted the path becomes!

And here’s an update on the bookshelf now filling up with “read” books….

Soon I will be searching for new ways to contain my books….which brings us back to the first photo, from Pinterest; what a great idea for shelving!  My ceilings are not that high, of course, but I could move upward and add some at the topmost areas of the rooms.

How do you contain your treasured volumes?  Do you display them or do you save them in storage?  Do you give them away?






Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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