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This is what I need in my condo!  Wall to wall books that can be easily accessed.

Instead, what I have is a series of bookcases and shelves in every room, with books alphabetized on each shelf…and after awhile, it is almost impossible to know where any given book might be hiding.

I am grateful that I do have shelves, however, and the TBR shelves are in much better condition than they once were.

Here’s what my unread stacks looked like when I moved in here…

And here’s what they look like now (the Old TBRs).

Two Small Stacks on the Desk

Of course, I do have my New TBRs…but hopefully they will remain somewhat under control.

These stacks are two-deep, so there are about forty books in all.

Unable to control much about how my books are shelved, I have been moving other things around.  Like coffee tables.  I moved the office coffee table into the living room, and the humongous and bulky table is now in the garage.

And I found this wicker trunk in my bedroom and moved it into the office.  (This is an update to the earlier post).

You can be certain that whenever I get that itchy restless feeling, something else will be moved somewhere. 

But I’d still love that wall-to-wall shelving!

Here’s what I’m reading now:

Little Night, by Luanne Rice.

And I finished this one earlier; click title/cover for review:

And When She Was Good, by Laura Lippman

What was your holiday like?  Did you celebrate with family/friends?  See a movie?  I had a good time catching up on movies on the DVR.



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  1. I love the way you find things…now I am wondering…what was inside that wicker chest…what was it hiding behind…and your endless energy for moving things always amazes me!


    1. Ha-ha…yes, the trunk was at the foot of my bed, although it has been a coffee table in other houses. It just has a few photos and baby books. Fairly light stuff, although it once held all the albums. I had to move most of them out awhile ago.

      The hardest thing to move, Patty, was the big bulky coffee table that was in the living room, and then briefly in the office….I had to stand it on end and “walk” it through the rooms. Yikes!

      Sometimes I discover things that have been there all along, but I stopped noticing them.


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