Weekends can be quiet, with reading and movie watching, or, like this one, they can be busy with family/friends and background music or conversation.

Fiona came on Friday and spent the night and Saturday here.  She brought her guitar and strummed quietly as I went about my usual activities:  reading, blogging, etc.

We watched some movies, too.

While she was here, I realized that something was awkward in my living room arrangement, like my humongous coffee table that didn’t allow much room for navigating the space.

So last night I moved some things around, and ended up with this:

You may ask where the big and bulky table went:

Here it is in the office.  But this is not the final destination.  I really need something smaller and lighter.  For those times when I move the table so I can pull out the sofabed!


Later:  Just as I predicted, I wasn’t done.  I moved this wicker trunk from my bedroom and put the bulky coffee table in the garage.



And then, there is my scanner/printer story….sadly, neither is compatible with Louisa May, my laptop.  So off they went to the garage…and I must find something else.  Meanwhile, here’s my workspace.

I moved my Old TBR stacks onto the desk….As you can see, the stacks are much smaller than they were.


Now…back to reading and movie watching.

What are you up to today?  Some of you may be on the road, like my daughter, who is visiting her grandmother in Northern California.

I’m reading this today:

The Song Remains the Same, by Allison Winn Scotch.

Happy Labor Day weekend!



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