Welcome to Monday Potpourri, which today will carry us into the world of Musing Mondays, over at Should Be Reading.

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This week’s musing — courtesy of – asks…

Have you ever reread a book and found that your opinion changed?


In the past few years, I have reread some old favorites from childhood, and for the most part, I have enjoyed them just as much, if not more than I did the first time (or ten!).

But one author I enjoyed as a pre-adolescent is not one I enjoyed as much in my reread as an adult.

The Enchanted Barn, by Grace Livingston Hill, was a book I used to really enjoy back then…but discovered that it had lost its luster.  Click title for my review.

Ladybird was another old favorite from the same author…and again, some disappointment.

What I discovered during my rereads was the heavy and moralistic tone that hovered over the stories.  Perhaps these attitudes were appropriate for the times…and I didn’t notice this tone in my younger years; probably because my attitudes about these things had not developed yet.

I have also discovered that Danielle Steel’s books have lost their appeal for me, too.

What about the rest of you?  Any thoughts on your rereads?



    • Yes, Jo, I think it is best to remember books fondly without the disenchantment of a reread. Although I did enjoy Little Women a couple of years ago in my reread; Little Men, not so much.

      My week is off to a less than thrilling start, as my grandson Noah is staying with me because he has strep throat. We had a difficult night.


  1. I don’t ever reread…I just think of them fondly!

    I think that Danielle Steel has not changed…but we have…I do not enjoy her books at all.


  2. That sucks that you lost the enjoyment you once had for those books. I have an author that I don’t enjoy as much as I used to, but it isn’t because of the books I have already read, but because of what he has been doing lately. I still loved his older books.


  3. Hi! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

    The same thing happens to me too. Often as a child I didn’t notice if books had a moralistic tone but as an adult those books bothered me.

    “I have also discovered that Danielle Steel’s books have lost their appeal for me, too.”

    Romance is a genre that, I think, depends on your age. As a jaded adult I don’t enjoy the things I enjoyed as a wide eyed young’un.


    • Yes, I guess that makes us wise…or jaded. lol

      But it is interesting to revisit the world we enjoyed as a younger person, even if we come away from the visit disappointed by the books we once loved.

      Thanks for stopping by, Wuthering Willow.


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