Good morning, and welcome to my Monday Potpourri, in which I share tidbits, including Musing Mondays, by Should Be Reading.

Here’s our Prompt:

This week’s musing, courtesy of, asks:

What attracts you to a book blog? What puts you off in a book blog? Do you share personal stuff on your book blog?

Good stuff to contemplate.  In my four years of blogging, I have visited MANY sites, and like most of you, have some favorites.  What draws me in?  An attractive site that’s easy to navigate.  Lots of photos and links to books, etc. 

I really hate the new Blogger Captcha, but I understand the need for it.  However, it feels as though Blogger is trying to make me blind.  LOL…Now the individual blogger has no control over the choice of Captcha…so I’ll deal.  Just saying….

Most bloggers don’t have music on their sites anymore, for which I’m grateful…usually I’m blogging in the early morning hours; too early for loud music!  LOL

I like being able to comment without too much searching…and aside from Captcha, there are other commenting systems that challenge me.  I have heard that those who do not blog on Word Press have difficulties here, too; wish I could change that!

I enjoy a site that loads fairly quickly, which means that “less is more” when it comes to the STUFF on the sites.  I hope mine are easy to load, but if not, please tell me!

And that’s it for me….

In the rest of my world today, I’m enjoying my grandson Noah, who will be staying with me for a few days this week.  On the weekend, my granddaughter Fiona stayed over and we went shopping.  She’s great, despite being a teen; she knows what she wants and quickly finds it.

Which brings up the other issue on the question about blogs:  personal stuff.  I do share on some of my blogs more than others.  Which is probably why I have so many sites (twelve!).

Some photos of the kids:

Noah Glued to the TV

Fiona After a Last Shopping Trip

This week, I hope to finish some of the great books on my stack.  Right now I’m reading Grace Grows, by Shelle Sumners, a new author to me.

What are the rest of you enjoying today?  What do you like or dislike about the blogs you visit?



  1. I don’t know if my blogs are fast or slow. I hope they aren’t to slow, anyway, I don’t know what “Captcha” is so I guess it isn’t a problem for me… ; )
    My pet peeve about blogs I visit is word verification.. I hate it and probably won’t comment anymore if blogs have it, I find those crazy words hard to figure out, and then not just once but have to keep trying until I hit pay dirt. I find them a waste of my time.


    • Oh…yes, Captcha is just another term for word verification, and I really hate it, too! I have to squint and try to figure them out, and often have to try twice or more!

      Thanks for stopping by, Gigi Ann, and your blog loads just fine!


  2. I have a personal blog that talks about books–I do have separate pages for books I’ve read. But I’m pretty laid back about what I like and don’t like.


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