Welcome to another exciting weekend with Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

Like last week’s offering, today’s is another potpourri of family and home related themes.

First are some more shots of my son and his three kids enjoying a sports event.

In the second picture, notice the tallness of them all…the two boys are over 6′ tall…and Aubrey is 5’9“.

And here is a shot of my daughter and her main squeeze (did I just say “main squeeze”?)

Now…back to the home front.  Take a look at my TBR stacks.  The first one is the much reduced number from the Old Stacks (those books previously owned and unread that were acquired before 2009).  The number is down to around 16.  That doesn’t seem like so many…although many of them are chunksters.

The stack in front center is current reads.  Everything else:  Old TBRs.

And now…drum roll, please!  New TBRs….

These are a bit deceptive, as they are stacked two-deep.  Imagine twice the number you see (42).  Still…not as bad as the original size of the Old TBRs in 2009.  There were 166!

So that’s my potpourri today.  Oh, except for the TBRs on Sparky, my Kindle, which I don’t consider too much of a problem as they are not as visible…lol


And one final bit of potpourri…Laptop pictured below is now one of the family with her own literary name:  Louisa May (Alcott).



Now I’m off to visit your snapshots!  Happy weekend!



  1. Ok…in order…yes they are tall…and yes you did say main squeeze and your files now look manageable…sort of…I did the same thing by crashing my Bluefire reader and your daughter is very lovely!



    • Yes, it would be better to also have the books listed on a document, and I sort of do….I have a print-out from my old computer of the Old TBRs…and my new books are added onto my Curl up and Read blog when I acquire them.

      But I like the “visual” reminder…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty…and as for the tall grandchildren….well, I should be used to being shorter than the young folks, as my three sons are all over six ft. tall, but my daughter is shorter than I. At my tallest, I was 5’9″, but shrinking has brought me to just under 5’8″….grrr!


    • They do, don’t they, Melissa? That look is what drew me to this shot, so I had to share it.

      I couldn’t come up with a “then and now” theme, as I do sometimes, so I went with the “potpourri” of shots.

      Thanks for stopping by…enjoy your weekend.


  2. That’s still a lot of books. Hope you enjoy everyone. Your grandkids are about the same height as my kids, only Grace is a little taller at 5’10”, one of the boys is 6’4″ and the other one is just over 6 feet and still growing. It’s so fun to watch them grow. Here’s Mine


    • Isn’t it fun? Every time I see them, they’ve added more inches. The youngest really surprised me this last time, as he’d grown from about 5’10” to over 6′.

      I should have included the shot of my stacks before (when there were 166 books). There were actually assorted stacks throughout my bedroom, threatening to overcome the space…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Paulita…enjoy your weekend.


    • I should have included my original stacks from 2009…that photo gives an idea of how much progress I’ve made. Thanks for visiting, Louise, and enjoy your reading. I chose Louisa May because of how she wrote with pen, leaving marks…and thought she could have used a computer…lol


  3. I am in the process of doing my THIRD purge of our books as I mostly use my e-reader these days. I keep my TBR list on Goodreads and use it when either buying or better yet borrowing from the library for my e-reader.


    • Yes, I keep a list on Goodreads, too, but only those that are read and currently reading are an accurate depiction; the TBR list there is really more of a “someday, I’ll read this” list. The TBR physical books are the actual reality.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jackie, and enjoy!


  4. Enjoyed the variety of subjects today. Good to see I’m not the only one with tall stacks of books around the house. Occasionally they tip over and that’s when I know it’s time to start another stack, or read faster!


    • My previous stacks were in several piles and they carried over to other surfaces in the bedroom. It was a disaster…lol!

      Glad to have whittled the numbers down a bit, and now they’re all in my office. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie.


    • I can almost smell the hotdogs, Kathy…do they still have hotdogs?

      I am in a good mood today, as I just Skyped with my son in Berlin…he was getting ready to go out to the pubs (nine hours later there).

      We had a computer session, with him walking me through some downloads for my laptop.

      Thanks for visiting!


    • That happens to me on some Word Press sites, too, Christine…I think it goes somewhere for moderation, but sometimes those comments end up as spam. I always check that folder, just in case. Thanks for stopping by. I like Picmonkey as an editing site, as they have nice “frames.”


    • Thanks, Sheila…I do like naming things…and sharing family pix. Just found some shots of my LA grandkids’ new baby sister Sydney. Not a grandchild of mine, but I share the pix of their new siblings sometimes, too (like Silas).


    • Thanks, Margaret…they’re all getting so big! Those three grandkids (and their dad) will be going to London at the end of the month for the Olympics, and then will meet up with my son who lives in Berlin; they’re getting together in Paris. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

      But you live in Europe, so that’s probably a common occurrence for you…lol

      Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Your family shots are always fun to see, “main squeeze” indeed. Eye candy! I’m impressed with your orderlyness, and I’d love to hear what you think of your Lauren Bacall book.


    • You have sharp eyes, Irene…yes, I’ve been wanting to read that one. Soon, I hope!

      When I get through some of the review books that are “New TBRs.”

      Thanks for stopping by….and the sheer numbers that I once had were definitely not orderly, but things are improving.

      And my daughter’s “main squeeze” reminds me of a pirate…definitely hunky.


    • I actually read a couple of the chunksters earlier…and I just read them for a little while each day in addition to other books. It has taken almost three years to get the numbers down as I wasn’t always working on those stacks. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl…enjoy your weekend.


    • I only have one tiny tattoo (a peace symbol) and I didn’t like the healing process afterwards…all that you have to do. Imagine big ones…no, not for me…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Natalie, and have a great weekend.


  6. Lots of lovely, tall family! (yes, they are!–but kids seem to come that way nowadays. I’m just shy of 5’4″ and the hubby is only 5’7″ (and 3/4!) and our son is 6 ft.).

    Love to see stacks of TBR books…but only 42? I’ve got a couple of hundred sitting around in stacks in the back room. 🙂

    Here’s my Snapshot.


  7. Louisa May is a great name for the computer!! I feel the same way about the TBR stacks on my Kindle app…no one can see them but me!! 😀

    Great family photos and good looking kids and grand-kids!!!


    • That has always been my fear, that they will take over the house! Already, I have shelves of “read” books everywhere…the unread (undead?) cannot slither in and around everything…lol. So I’m working hard at whittling them down….

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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