Welcome to another exciting weekend with Saturday Snapshot, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

Today’s event will be a potpourri of snapshots with no particular theme.

In my first shot, I am featuring my photographer son Craig Robinson, who is very seldom in front of the camera, but here he is, studying that beer can as if it contains the secrets of the universe.


Here are some of his quirky shots, starting with the one he has dubbed Viking Woopass.

Next comes a shot of tiki memorabilia collected during a journey up the State of California in 2007.  A zealous quest for tiki stuff for a friend’s Tiki Bar in Prague.

Not to leave out the usual subjects of my photo events, here’s Heather, pondering something quirky at the bar where she works.

And Fiona wants to show off her new hair color.


Finally….here is my newly configured office work space where I now showcase my new laptop.  The laptop needs a name, by the way.  Any suggestions?

Come on by with your comments and links…and I’ll return the favor.


  1. I love the photos…they are different and unique…your desk looks perfect now…until you change it around again the next time you get an idea…I am not good with names so you are on your own there!


    1. I’m not sure why I need to name everything, but even my cars usually have names! Now that I think about it, though, my current car doesn’t have one…hmm.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy that gorgeous granddaughter.


  2. What a fabulous work space you have – is it an entire room, or just a corner? We are trying to turn our elder daughter’s room in to a study/music room (for him)/sewing room (for me) but so far I seem to have lots of things in various piles on the floor!


  3. I’m thinking you’re son is trying to see if there are any drops left in that can…. lol. I never thought about naming my laptop….so I don’t really have a suggestion. The Oracle mentioned by Susan sounds like a winner, though.

    Here’s my Snapshot.


    1. You’re right, Bev! I’m sure he wants to get every last drop…lol

      I like The Oracle, too, but don’t want to “appropriate” it; perhaps something along those lines, though. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Are there are any names that would match the names of your other electronics? I always enjoy theme-named stuff… And I’m always tempted to name computers Hal, but I feel like it would be asking for trouble!


    1. Thanks, Leslie…I agree about the photographer not often being in pix. When he was a kid, my eldest was always the one snapping the shots. Later he got a tripod so he could be in some of them.

      I’m feeling comfortable in the workspace, and even though Laptop can migrate to other locations, this one seems to be the favorite for now.


  5. Staci@LifeintheThumb

    I want that tiki!! Very very cool and sometimes answers are found in the beer can!! LOL!! Great photos!! Hmmm….as for the name of your computer….my Kindle is Mr. Darcy so of course I would have to suggest an Austen theme!! 😀


    1. Ah, great idea, Staci. Although my Kindle is Sparky, I was thinking that a literary name for the laptop would be appropriate. I was thinking of Daphne (for DuMaurier). But the Austen theme also occurred to me, along with Louisa May (Alcott).


  6. I had to look at that can awhile, wondering what was so interesting to examine it so intensely!! Lol. Great pix.

    I’m horrible naming things… I’m still brainstorming for my book light, which will be my first attempt. I named my rabbit, I guess… “Bumpity”. Almost TOO cute!


    1. So did I, actually. I wondered what was so fascinating, but probably he is pondering if any drops are left…lol

      I think I finally settled on a literary name for the laptop: Louisa May (Alcott).

      Thanks for visiting, Laura.


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