One of the things I know about myself is that I like to change things around.  But in my office, the last Bastion of Things That Remain Unchanged, the change bug has finally attacked.

It all started when I got my laptop.  And yes, the laptop, by definition, requires no permanent place.  I have my little table/desk in my bedroom; the dining room table; the patio table….and now the actual office.

On the weekend, we removed the desktop.   There was a lot of huffing, puffing, and sweating…and then the components were gone.

Afterwards, I stared at what remained.  And didn’t like what I saw.

Hmm…what if I moved this table here and that cart over there?  The what-ifs led to more sweating, etc.  Switching the long table with the cart works for me!  Having the long table for my laptop and other work stuff makes more sense.  So here’s what the finished set-up looks like:

You can’t see the cart in this photo…it is to the right, and the printer and scanner now live there.  Below is a “before” shot, with the cart and desktop on the left, and at right angles, the long table.  Now they are reversed.

My muscles feel fine right now, but I’m betting they’ll be hurting tomorrow.

Now I’m going to read and/or watch movies.

A Map of the World, based on the book by Jane Hamilton, is sitting nearby.

What do you like to do when you’ve finished an exhausting project?



    • Oh, that is the ticket, Patty….thanks for stopping by.

      The movie was about 2 hours, so it gave me the “collapse” I needed!

      I’m now sitting at the “newly configured” space, which works better than typing at the “cart,” which was too high. And my feet didn’t tuck under it properly…lol

      My grandson is here for a sleepover, so I can’t work in the dining room until he wakes up.


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