It’s a great Tuesday morning.  I’m sitting at this table sipping iced water and feeling the breeze from my open patio door. 

While the eggs are boiling for my egg salad, I’m reading a great book about four women on a road trip.  The Long Way Home, by Karen McQuestion, tells a tale about four women bound by chance who take the trip of a lifetime.

One of the characters is psychic…and all the characters have issues with which they’re struggling. They met in a grief group.

Another pleasant detail that makes this day fun for me:  two preordered books showed up on Sparky, my Kindle.  Safe Within, by Jean Reynolds Page is one of them.

A story of a couple returning to the childhood home of one of them:  a cabin nestled in the branches of two oaks, dubbed “the tree house.”  Sounds cozy.

And the other book:  XO, by Jeffrey Deaver, chosen because I needed a book starting with the letter X for my A-Z Challenge...lol

But it sounds quite tempting:  An innocent exchange with one of her fans, signed with an “XO,” leads Kayleigh into the dangerous and terrifying realm of obsession.

It feels like my week is getting off to a great start.  While the breeze is cool now, I know it will be hot later…which is why I have a big pitcher of iced tea waiting in the fridge.

What’s going on with your Tuesday?  Special books?  Interesting plans?

I’ll leave you with another image I found on Pinterest.



  1. Those books all sound like so much fun!

    I am just relaxing and reading on this very rainy day…I would not have pegged you for a Jeffrey Deaver book!


    • I have certainly read good things about his books, and I was desperate for a book starting with the letter Z…for the A-Z Challenge! lol

      But I think it actually sounds pretty good. I even read Baldacci and James Patterson occasionally.

      Thanks for visiting, Patty….enjoy your day.


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