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If you have visited any of my blogs before, you may have noticed my fondness for the artistic renderings of Mary Engelbreit.

My fascination is not just about the colorful images, or even the quirky sayings:  when I’m gazing upon one of the prints, or enjoying the cute dolls I have here and there in my house, I feel happy.



Is it that easy to be happy?

Like many of the artist’s sayings, it’s about attitude.  We do have control of that part of us, and how we look at life and choose to react to it can make a difference in how we feel.

Choosing to be happy as a concept seems simple enough, but then there are all those obstacles and barriers to achieving that feeling.  Plus…happiness is not a goal.  It’s not even a destination.  It’s a state of mind that comes and goes.  At least that’s what I’ve been reading and thinking.


Today, with my toothache pain temporarily held at bay, and even though tomorrow’s oral surgery will bring more pain, I can say that the absence of pain can bring happiness.  Relief might be a better definition, but sometimes relief feels like happiness.

In today’s Tuesday Meme (Intros & Teasers), I am sharing excerpts from a book about secrets.  I opted to spotlight the book at my “guilty pleasures” blog, which I changed a bit.  The theme is an old favorite, but the background…well, you should check it out!  It’s a fizzy drink that also can feel like happiness.  Thanks for the image, Patty.

Background for Chocolate & Mimosas Blog

Is pleasure happiness, then?  Perhaps not, but it can lead to joy or even contentment.  Maybe that’s good enough.

Do you remember books (and movies) about the “pursuit of happiness”?  In a way, thinking of happiness as a goal erroneously leads to having to pursue it.  But that, I’m discovering, is the wrong approach.

Unless, of course, it’s an inward pursuit.  An interior journey.  What do you think?  Is happiness elusive?  Or is it simply a matter of setting our minds to it and changing our attitude about it?

An Interior Journey






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