Visualize, if you will:  I’m pounding away at my keyboard this morning, posting over at my Saturday Snapshot, and responding to blog visits.

It’s still early—not even eight o’clock—and I’ve already done one of my dreaded weekend chores.  I’ve cleaned the patio.

Every Friday, the gardeners, in their need to clear the pathways, blow leaves and blossoms onto my patio.  No matter how many times I ask them not to do so!  But maybe they’re just looking out for me…I probably need the exercise!

I didn’t do a great job, but here’s what it looks like right now.  The greenery you see in the photo is not a nice plant to decorate the area, but a weed.  Yes, later I might cut it down…but my granddaughter thinks it looks kind of cool.

The patio is very small, as you can see from that photo and this one.

Notice that I’ve jumbled together a number of items that used to spread out luxuriously on my former deck at my former house in the foothills.  Sigh.  See the redwood barbecue cart?  That was once in my bedroom holding my TBR stacks.  It has now graduated outdoors.

But whenever I wax nostalgic, I remember why I left my foothill A-frame cottage and fled to the city.  Boredom?  Too much yard work (nearly half an acre).  And did I mention boredom?


A-frame Cottage with Deck

Notice the sign stuck in a redwood bucket (in my current abode).  It used to sit in front of my guesthouse, which I’d dubbed “Rainbow Cottage,” for the colorful rooms my daughter had created.

Yes…she had an orange bathroom, a blue bedroom, another bedroom in green, and a gold colored great room.

Also, “Rainbow Cottage” was the name of a guesthouse in my novel Miles to Go, in which one of my characters lived.  That character was named Rainbow and was an artist.

A tale about friendship and sustaining those connections over many years.  Changes, obstacles, and loss.

Today I planned to spend some time with Noah…I was even going to take him out to lunch at Marie Callender’s…but my daughter just called, and she’s keeping him with her today.

Now my day has opened up to new possibilities, but I was kind of looking forward to hanging out with the little guy.

I’m reading Love in a Nutshell on Sparky, my Kindle…and maybe I’ll go out to lunch at a spot that I don’t usually take him.  I can read in the outdoor cafe.


Here’s where I’m thinking of going….

What about you?  Any special plans?  A lazy day or something that takes you outdoors?






  1. Whew…you are a firecracker today…we are or rather were moving stones around and making the under the deck bigger…but now we are in the family room…trying to decide what to eat when there is nothing ready!
    It is really cold and damp here!


    • Ooh, cold and damp weather is not conducive to doing much outdoors.

      I ended up going to Dai Bai Dang, read for awhile, and then went to see a movie that turned out to be horrible. Lots of shooting, violence, etc. I didn’t plan that too well…the times didn’t work out to see the one I really wanted to see.

      Anyway, then my daughter wanted me to get Noah this afternoon, as he was bored with what they were doing. So he’s here for a sleepover…and we’ll do Marie Callender’s tonight. See how I avoid cooking?

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty…and our weather here is nice. Not too hot, but definitely not cold.


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