A Room of my Own


This looks like a room I should have.  Lots and lots of shelves for wonderful books, and comfy places to curl up and read.

Alas, this is not my room…but I can dream!

Meanwhile, I’ve been downloading and ordering books like crazy this week.  Why?  Perhaps because it’s payday week.  And serendipitously, all these great books that I want to read just show up in my inbox.  Tempting me.  Taunting me with their beautiful covers and blurbs.

Here are some books I downloaded to Sparky….

And here are some books I found at Barnes & Noble…unfortunately (or fortunately), I live right around the corner.  I often go in with a book I’m reading and drink coffee.  I try to avoid the book tables.  But on this particular day, I failed.

This is not the cover on the book I bought, but I like it…what do you think?

Do you sometimes have weeks when everything you see calls to you?  Or maybe you have a list and finally let loose, buying everything you can?

I call these moments “crazy moments,” but I wouldn’t change a thing!



  1. Oh me oh my…I know the feeling…I read Sister and loved it…I have The Red Book and I will love it…you do need a book room!!!


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