Sunday Potpourri


Good morning, and welcome to Sunday Potpourri….a place for rambling thoughts about life, books, etc.

This past weekend was the Dewey 24-Hour Read-a-Thon...and I’m pleased to report that, even though I ended early from tired, blurry eyes, I had a good time.

I did a wrap-up post at Curl up and Read, but also did a link-up at my Sunday Salon post.

Bleary-eyed and tired, I fell into bed last night with a book I started near the end of the read-a-thon:  The Accidental, by Ali Smith.

Last night, I closed the book at p. 60, wondering if I would continue.  Yes, the book has won some awards, but the convoluted way in which the story was unfolding left me…well, not sure about it.

But maybe it was really about my fatigue.  Because, when I picked it up this morning, and read another 40 pages, I started to connect.  To engage.

Does that happen to you sometimes?  Books that don’t engage you suddenly do?

So now I’m happily looking forward to reading more of it today…and I plan to have lunch later at Marie Callender’s.

It’s a cozy eating and reading spot.

You know what I love best?  Okay, yes, the pie…but for the main course, I adore the vegetable soup.  I feel virtuous enough after eating that to order some pie…lol

I’m still trying to decide if I should sweep the leaves and blossoms off of my patio….I know that doing so might result in allergy issues.  But I can’t stand seeing it messy…

The beauty of the trees, like this one, block out the downside in allergens….

While searching through photo files this morning, I realized that I really need to organize things better!  I had to scroll through a number of them to find my images….sigh.

What does your Sunday look like?  Reading, movies, whatever?




  1. It is rainy here and just a bit chilly…so we are watching movies and reading…and getting Chinese food later…that tree is lovely!!!

    Enjoy Marie’s.


    • Ooh, Chinese food sounds wonderful, Patty…and perfect for a rainy day at home watching movies (and reading). Enjoy!

      Thanks for stopping by…and yes, I love the trees along this street, even as I sneeze like crazy!


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