Welcome to another mid-week session of Hump Day Potpourri.

I’m excited about the bookish moments of this week so far.  For one thing, I received a book on Sparky, my Kindle…and I’d forgotten that I preordered it!

Now that was truly a wonderful surprise.

Yes, I’d thought about the book…and longed for it, too, but I was trying to curb my impulses and curtail that book buying.  Well, I guess I outsmarted myself.

Have you ever done that?  Forgotten you ordered something and then felt that delicious excitement when it just showed up?

My wonderful surprise this week was Another Piece of My Heart, by Jane Green.  I’ve loved Green’s books ever since the first ones I read.

From the New York Times bestselling author of JEMIMA J, and THE BEACH HOUSE, comes Jane Green’s most emotional and powerful novel yet:  a story that explores the complications of a woman marrying into a ready-made family, and the true meaning of motherhood.

Doesn’t this one sound full of wonderful possibilities and complexities?

Here’s another one soon to join my shelves:  More Than You Know, by Penny Vincenzi, is heading my way in early April.

It all comes down to love or money in a harrowing custody battle over a little girl, set against the glossy backdrop of the magazine and advertising worlds in 1960s London.

I think she had me at “1960s London” and “harrowing custody battle.”

This week, I’ve finished two wonderful books already, and right now I’m reading this one:  What Happened to Hannah.

I just started it…and Hannah has arrived back in her hometown after twenty years away.  I’m very curious about the secrets she carries and what sent her running out of town all those years ago.  I have some idea, but I suspect there will be some surprising twists.

What are you reading?  And what Hump Day thoughts are spiraling through your head?


    1. Yes, I remember seeing both on your blog…and wishing I’d preordered Another Piece of My Heart! Surprise, surprise!

      Of course, Vincenzi is a favorite of mine, too. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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