Mid-week again!  What happened to Monday and Tuesday?

Ah, yes, Monday was that day I was chasing down a book lost in the post office.  I was also running errands.

Tuesday was too windy to do much except stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.

But I did go to the mailbox, and found a lovely book from the seventies, reprinted and re-released a couple of months ago.

Marge Piercy was our favorite back in the day.  The first book of hers I read was called Small Changes.  We read it collectively, as a book club/consciousness-raising group.  That book changed our lives.  We talked about the characters, the issues, and tried to apply the ideals to our lives.

“Marge Piercy is a raw, tough, willfull, magnificent novelist.”
Set against the early days of the modern feminist movement, SMALL CHANGES tells the story of sensual Miriam Berg, who trades her doctorate for marriage and security, but still hungers for a life of her own and shy, frightened Beth who is running from the life Miriam seeks and into a new world of different ideas and a different kind of love…..

We went on to read many other books by this author, and I even enjoyed several of her memoirs.

Sleeping with Cats is a peek into the author’s life, from childhood on; I can totally picture her world as she fills the pages with beautiful prose.

Marge Piercy, a writer who is highly praised as both a poet and a novelist, turns her gaze inward as she shares her thoughts on life and explores her development as a woman and writer. She pays tribute to the one loving constant that has offered her comfort and meaning even as the faces and events in her life have changed — her beloved cats.

With searing honesty, Piercy tells of her strained childhood growing up in a religiously split, working-class family in Detroit. She examines her myriad friendships and relationships, including two painful early marriages, and reveals their effects on her creativity and career. More than a reminiscence of things past, however, Sleeping With Cats is also a celebration of the present and the future, as Piercy shares her views on aging, creativity, and finding a lasting and improbable love with a man fourteen years younger than herself.

A chronicle of the turbulent and exciting journey of one artist’s life, Sleeping With Cats is a deeply intimate, unforgettable story.


Now…onto my mailbox yesterday.  Dance the Eagle to Sleep is one I somehow missed back then.  So when I was doing a scroll through Piercy’s author page on Amazon and discovered it, of course I had to order it!

Originally published in 1970, Marge Piercy’s second novel follows the lives of four teenagers in a near-future society as they rebel against a military draft and “the system.” The occupation of Franklin High School begins, and with it, the open rebellion of America’s youth against their channeled, unrewarding lives and the self-serving, plastic society that directs them. From the disillusionment and alienation of the young at the center of the revolt to their attempts to build a visionary new society, the nationwide following they gain, and the brutally complete repression that inevitably follows, this is a future fiction without a drop of fantasy. As driving, violent, and nuanced today as it was 40 years ago, this anniversary edition includes a new introduction by the author reflecting unapologetically on the novel and the times from which it emerged.

Now you know why I’m feeling nostalgic.  Of course I’ll have to reread Small Changes and Sleeping with Cats.  And some of the others I have by this author.

What authors do you enjoy so much that you get goosebumps when you hear about something they’ve written?  Something you missed along the way, or something you have to reread?

I’m going to curl up and read for the rest of the week!

My favorite reading spot!

And here’s another I’m reading today:

I should finish this one this morning!

What are you reading now?


  1. I think I read a book of hers years ago…

    I know what you mean about Wednesday…sort of a sigh of relief day…

    I just finished Deadly Offer…now I am deciding what I will read next..


  2. I completely know what you mean about the time flying. I remember commenting to my mother-in-law when my kids were babies that I couldn’t wait until they were a little older so that I wouldn’t be so busy. Now I get why she laughed at me. 🙂 Enjoy your reading!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alyce…I can’t believe how quickly the weeks fly by, but I’m reminded of the saying “time flies when you’re having fun.” And I am totally enjoying my blogging, writing, and reading.


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