The two of them were polar opposites: Blake was a handsome, rich rogue who loved to play, while Maxine was a renowned psychiatrist called in to assist with traumatized and suicidal adolescents.

Despite their differences, they loved one another, had three beautiful children, and then divorced. Their differences finally did them in.

It would be many years before Maxine would try again, but Blake moved seamlessly through his jet-setting world with gorgeous women on his arm. None of them lasted, though.

Maxine’s romance with internist Charles West seemed like the perfect match. They had much in common, they were both grown-ups, and the only obstacles seemed to be her three children and her ex-husband.

Rogue is a charming tale of romantic adventures gone wrong, a world filled with beautiful people and beautiful places, and what can happen when two people pursue happiness from opposite directions.

So what catastrophic event will change Blake in a major way? And how will Charles react to the ever-present shadow of a charming ex? What do the three children bring to the mix? And how will unexpected events upend the lives of these characters?

Despite the predictability of a good part of the plot, I enjoyed this story more than many by this author. I liked the characters and the storyline that delved into psychiatric issues, catastrophic natural disasters, while balancing these themes with just the right touch of glamour to make the story feel like both a humanitarian junket and a red carpet event. Funny and charming dialogue at key points along the way made this story a quick and fun read. I’m giving this one four stars.


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