In the past few days, it’s been beautiful out.  While the blossoms you see in the photo above aren’t out yet, it won’t be long.

I took a stroll around the neighborhood, inhaling the outdoor scent.  I’ve been pretty much indoors throughout the winter months, except for walks between shops while running errands.

The dogs were barking, neighbors were doing yardwork, and the hint of spring felt like a true promise of beautiful days ahead.

Spring is all too brief in these parts, followed quickly by very hot summers.  So enjoying spring moments is like a gift.

Earlier, feeling the energy from the spring outside, I did a little “spring rearranging” of the space.  Just a quick switch of the drop leaf table from the patio door to its new spot by the bookshelf.

Here’s another view:

With the table here, I can come in the front door and drop mail, packages, etc.  I can also sit here and eat lunch and read.

In the final view, here’s the wicker loveseat up against the screen near the patio window.  A good place to read.

Speaking of reading, I just finished a book that I buried my nose in for several hours yesterday before finally finishing it.  You can find my review at An Interior Journey.


Next I grabbed a book that’s been on my TBR stacks for awhile.  Another Danielle Steel book.


Now that I’ve had my walk, rearranged my furniture, and read for awhile…I’m hungry.  I’m having tomato stuffed with tuna for dinner.  Sound springy?

What do you like to do when the weather turns warmer?  What books call to you?




  1. Sounds yummy…I have been on a tuna fixation lately…especially Italian tuna with olive oil…there is a kind that comes in a jar and looks like sticks of tuna…Oh so good…even Lucy Grace loves it.

    I love all of the white…distressed white is one of my favorite ways to decorate…I am still waiting for a snow storm which may never come…

    Have a lovely evening…


    • Thanks for visiting, Patty. I love white, too, but with lots of splashes of red, as you can see.

      The bookshelf in the photo is special to me, since my son built it. He also built some DVD shelves that span the length of the hallway, and go from floor to ceiling. Great, huh?

      The tuna was delicious. I get the ones packed in water. I’ve never seen the tuna in sticks. Sounds interesting!

      I could eat another serving, but I won’t! lol

      I had zucchini as a side dish.


  2. I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer and the cherry blossoms appear. This week a few of my pansies started blooming and I’ve been getting my hopes up for an early spring.


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