One of my most enjoyable things is creating new blog headers from images of family, friends, and favorite things.

This one above is now on my Snow Sparks site; and, in case you didn’t guess, I’m the one in the middle at age seven.

On the left are two grandchildren when they were around one-and-a-half and almost three.  On the right, there they are again during their preteen years.

I remember the days those shots were captured.  In the preteen moments, we had been shopping.  In fact, Fiona was shopping and Dominic was bored.  Not unusual.  So…in order to give him an incentive to hang in a bit, I mentioned our “family sculpture,” and how we could go there afterwards to capture some photos.

That worked!  And we did shoot several photos that day.  They both still talk about it.  I have several of the photos in a painted bowl on my office coffee table, and they often sift through them when they visit.

Distracting the kids is something I learned a long time ago, when I had my own.  Some might say I “bribed” them, but I believe I offered an incentive.

Same difference?

In the image on the left, the two were playing on my patio at my A-frame house in the foothills.  Curled up in the old wicker chair with Sebastian, the cat, they were sharing a bonding moment.

Here’s a view of that house, a few years later, and after a facelift.  I sold the house in 2007…and sometimes I really miss it, since there are so many memories there.

Guesthouse in the Foothills


Here’s the guesthouse where my youngest son and his family lived for a few years.

And here’s Noah, exploring my porch, when his family lived there for a few years after my son.


Do you traipse down memory lane through your photos?  Here’s a journey down that pathway yesterday in my Saturday Snapshot.

Now I’m off to see who else has posted in Sunday Salon.  We chat about our weeks and any other topics that come up.

What are your favorite Sunday moments?






  1. I love your Sunday memories…and I love the bowl idea…we have one of those ever changing frames…so we can see photos whenever we are in one of those moods…

    I love our Sundays to be stay at home chill out days…no pressure and not much to do…movies, books, games…a great breakfast…and a nap!!!


    • Sounds like a good Sunday, Patty. I’m enjoying mine, too. I just changed my blog headers on my two Blogger sites (Rainy Days and Mondays; Story Corner)…I discovered that my “quartet” headers work there. They didn’t on my WP blogs.

      So there is good about Blogger, too. I know we were “bashing” it the other day….lol

      Just finished watching a Lifetime movie called The Secrets of Eden, based on a Chris Bohjalian book. I haven’t read this author, but now I must!

      Now I’m going to read some more on Rainshadow Road…and then take a nap, perhaps. Thanks for stopping by.


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