When “bad boy” Jonathan Randall fakes his and his daughter’s death in Springfield, he is protecting his daughter from her great-grandfather Alan Spaulding. The wealthy billionaire is convinced that Sarah Randall is his to raise.

Reva Shayne, Jonathan’s mother, has her own need to protect them both. She believes she could have done more to protect Jonathan as a child. She knows that Jonathan and Sarah are on the run, and they keep in touch via a prearranged set of signals.

Tammy Winslow, Jonathan’s wife and love, died at the hand of Alan Spaulding, when he was trying to kill Jonathan. So her spirit is guiding him and Sarah as they journey away from the threat that stalks them.

In this captivating spin-off from Guiding Light, the now defunct soap opera, Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story provides a glimpse of the life lived by the presumed dead Jonathan, and how he finally starts to move on from the past.

In Tourmaline, California, Jonathan starts to think that he may have found a place to finally settle down. And the gorgeous Aubrey Cross seems like a kindred spirit and someone who can help him do that. But just as they finally begin to trust in one another, a dark and ominous presence hovers over them in the form of her abusive father, Sheriff Zeke Cross. How did Zeke find the evidence he needed in order to maintain control over Aubrey? How will he use Jonathan’s secrets to betray him?

I loved the soap Guiding Light, and when this book was published, it was still a viable series. I loved reading the book and discovering Jonathan’s journey into the light of his future with his new love. I felt as though the characters were real, since I watched them on the show for many years. I would recommend this book to anyone who ever enjoyed the soap, as well as others who love a good romantic suspense tale. Five stars.



    • Yes, I bought it right after it came out (it’s been on my TBR stacks all this time!), when Guiding Light was still going strong. Where Jonathan was and what he was doing was “off camera,” and this book filled in the blanks.

      Only, of course, I didn’t read it until the show was no longer on!

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.

      The cover photo depicts the actors who played on the show.


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