Hump Day is the middle of our weekly journey, and it always seems to be a good stopping place:  to evaluate, ponder, and pause to gain our perspective.

Incidentally, this Hump Day is the start of a new month, too.

January was very productive.  I read sixteen books and cleared several off my TBR stacks.  I just finished Atonement last night.  Click the title for my review.

It was not a light-hearted read, nor was there a happy ending.  But the book was definitely memorable.

Now I’m reading a book that is neither light nor fluffy, but it is much more easily traversed.

Jonathan’s Story, by Julia London, is a tale about some characters from the now defunct soap opera Guiding Light.  I bought the book before the soap was cancelled…and that tells you how long it’s been on my stacks!

Jonathan’s story is a journey, too; he fakes his death and the death of his daughter in order to escape a vengeful grandfather in his home town.

I like reading about these characters; it somehow keeps them alive for me.

Earlier today, I visited another of my blogs to make some changes; Creative Moments has morphed into Creative Journey, since my tagline there now reads “we have miles to go.”  I wanted to echo the themes of my website and one of my novels (Miles to Go), both of which are tales of journeys.

I created this header over at, which is closing down in April.  Do you notice a theme of endings here?

What do you do when all around you things are changing, dying, or disappearing?  Businesses, blog sites, TV shows…you name it.  The losses seem to crop up everywhere and when we least expect it.  I guess that’s the nature of the world these days.  Perhaps it has always been this way, but it seems more common these days.

I tend to get even more obsessive/compulsive about what remains.  What do you do?



  1. I am not sure how I feel about things ending…probably sad…we have an established restaurant here that is in an old turn of the century building that is beautiful…they lost their lease and they re moving and it’s hard to imagine this particular place without uneven floors and it’s original architecture.

    But things change and we have to move on…


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