It’s Hump Day again…and even though the day is more than half over, it’s the first chance I’ve had to express my frustration.  My irritation.

Yes, time to rant a bit.

Have you ever had one of those days—and I’m sure you have!—when everything you try to do ends up consuming more time and energy than you have?  When everything ends up being an endless frustration?

Well, today was a series of those moments.  It started out with a simply refill order online (Kaiser), and ended up with me spending a good part of the morning on endless phone calls.

No, it wasn’t all about the Kaiser issue; that took a while to sort out, and while I was waiting for that to resolve itself, I was on a series of calls related to a bill.  Yes, a bill that was an error, but took waiting for a live person for a very long time, only to be redirected (or should I say misdirected) to another number…another wrong one.  I ended up on the phone for 45 minutes to sort that out!

The good news…it was eventually resolved.  So was my prescription.  And I discovered that the website was undergoing changes, which was why I had to resort to the phone in the first place.

Pulling My Hair Out!!


I felt like this photo above…pulling my hair out.

Now I need some of this:


Or maybe this:



The good news of the day:  I’m loving the book that I’ve been reading, and while I was on “hold” numerous times, I was able to read a few more pages of this one.



What do you do when you’re on your last nerve?  When frustrations seem to mount and accumulate until you feel like exploding?  Come on by and share, please!!


  1. When I get frustrated I tend to cry. Once I have my little crying fit I can then breathe and tackle the problems with new energy.

    Hope Thursday is better for you.



    • It’s good to take a step back, whether we’re crying or ranting…and yes, sometimes that works for me, too. Thanks for stopping by, Carol. I hope tomorrow is better, too. Later today, I’m getting a manicure, and I always feel better afterwards….


  2. When I am on my last nerve I do rant…but lately I have been trying to be really sweet with those annoying calls…for example when they call and ask for Mr. Whatever…if he’s available…I just say no and nothing else…which then puzzles the markerter to no end…and by the time they think of something else to ask I am off of the phone…it is kind of funny…

    My vote is chocolate and a glass of bubbly…have fun…


    • I just had some chocolate and red wine. Granted, it was low fat Weight Watchers ice cream bars, but they work nicely, too.

      Once I managed to accomplish what I set out to do, I felt a lot better, too. Getting through it all was the frustrating part. It really helped to have this great Vincenzi novel to read while on hold. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.



  4. Hi Laurel Rain,

    I seem to get more and more days like the one you describe just lately, my husband says it is because I am a born pessimist and that I will things to wrong!

    Generally I take out my frustration on him, if he is around. The whole thing ends up in a big row, I go off for a good cry, then we carry on as if nothing had happened.

    To many people I can appear quite a hard person, but really I am as soft as mud and it doesn’t really take much to reduce me to tears.

    Call centres are particularly galling though and I tend to get more annoyed than upset with them

    Chocolate always tastes much better after a good cry.


    • Oh, I totally agree with you about chocolate! Definitely makes me feel better. I think what made the situation worse for me on this day was having several calls in a row bring about the frustration one gets from insensitive call center situations.

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne…it’s always good to share these experiences, IMO.


  5. Can totally relate to your post, I had a day from computer hell a few weeks ago, 6hrs of phone calls & computer adjustments & it was finally resolved & I was a wreck! I had tears of frustration, then vented on Facebook & then had a big glass of wine & that made it all better LOL. Chocolate sometimes works for me too. Hope that sharing helped:)


    • Oh, it totally does help to hear that others can relate…and commiserate a bit. Whenever I have a day like that, I’m so glad that I can blog about it and maybe find someone out there who has been through similar things. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Teddyree. Hope we both have a better week!


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