As far as obsessions go, I guess mine for soaps is right up there.

Like many fads (or obsessions), mine came out of the blue.  It happened on a summer day when I was just a teen.  I was visiting my cousin, and she was watching As the World Turns (Another soap that died).

I only watched it sporadically for awhile, but when I was in college, I often watched various soaps between classes.

Then when I was home with the babies, I watched some more.  But still only sporadically.  However, my obsession was thoroughly entrenched by then.

Then along came VCRs, followed in more recent years by DVRs, and a total fixation came along as well.

It’s not as though you are missing other things when you can DVR the shows, although I do occasionally like to watch them live.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I’m glued to them, in between blogging, reading, etc.

But today another soap died.  One Life to Live aired its last episode today.

But here’s some good news!  Some of the actors will be migrating to other shows:  as new characters, or even as themselves.

Check out Soap Moments:  Life After Llanview.

If you ever watched a soap (or still do), what about the show(s) grabs you?  Did you start watching with a friend or family member?

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    • Oh, I totally agree, Yvonne…it’s like a branch of my family has been cut off. A comforting part of my family….

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne. Now I’m going to really enjoy (while they last!) the remaining four soaps. Maybe they will leave them alone, but GH might be on the chopping block, too, since it’s on ABC…and they’ve been brutal with the chopping.


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